C# Advent 2020

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1 Bill Sempf Insecure Binary Serialization: 2018 Redux Carey Payette Using a C# Azure IoT Edge Module to control an LED
2 Luis Beltran Machine learning with SQL Server, ML.NET and C#    
3 Lukas Lansky C# 9 and Foreach Extensibility    
4     Jeffry Morris NoSQL Transactions with C#
5 Roman Stoffel C# Updates for the Absent C# Developer Muhammad Azeez Background Job Scheduling using Hangfire
6 Sivamuthu Kumar Open Telemetry - Observability in .NET Core Apps Lee Englestone Augmented Reality for .NET Developers on iOS
7 Gérald Barré Using .NET and PowerPoint to generate cover images Sean Kearon Long-running business processes in C# with Rebus
8 Dave Brock Automate a Markdown link page with Pinboard and C# Andrew Craven A NuGet package workflow using GitHub Actions
9 Raúl Piracés Alastuey Awesome console apps in C# Kevin Griffin Managing SignalR ConnectionIds
10 Jonathan Danylko 8 Extension Methods to Simplify Coding in 2020 Baskar Rao Do you use var or you don't care
11 Brant Burnett C# 9 Records and Init Only Settings Without .NET 5    
12 Matt Eland Making C# More Welcoming Cameron Presley Thinking With Properties: Examining Where
13     Garo Yeriazarian ASP.NET Core running in your AWS Lambda
14 Sam Basu Exploring Blazor Mobile Bindings Martin Zikmund Conway's Game of Life in Uno Platform
15 Khalid Abuhakmeh .NET OSS Docs With MarkdownSnippets Ed Charbeneau 10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn't Know
16 Carl Layton My First WPF App: A Music Player Using MVVM Patter Steve Gordon C#9 Top-level Programs, Records & Elasticsearch
17 Eric Potter Upgrading Old C# to C# 9: Init Only Setters    
18 Stephen Lorello Santa's Secret Blazor Matt Millican Process Images with AWS Lambda and .NET Core
19 Mangesh Gaherwar Integrating blazor Wasm with gRPC Barret Blake ASP.NET Core API Endpoints
20 Ram Hemasri ApplicationInsights for WorkerService with Serilog    
21 Andrea Angella What’s new in .NET 5 and C# 9 Caleb Wells Blazor Advent Calendar
22 Uroš Miletić Asynchronous Job Pattern: The ASP.NET Core MVC Way Matt Seigel BlazorMirror: A guide to a Blazor MagicMirror
23 James Charlesworth Why the C# Record type is important Kevin Avignon Guidelines to improve your software design skills
24 Tale Learn Code Building a Twitch Quote Generator    
25 Michael Jolley Choosing Between Blazor Server or Web Assembly Matthew D. Groves Everybody's Free to Write Unit Tests