Want to be a substitute?

If all spots are already claimed, you can sign up to be a substitute author!

First, don't let the lack of spots discourage you from making something great. The C# Advent is a fun event that helps to promote and motivate authors to create content. However, you can make great content all year round!

Second, every year, someone inevitably drops out. Family stuff comes up, work stuff comes up, it happens. You may have noticed some blank spots in years past. Usually, I get late notice, and I'm unable to get someone to fill the spot.

This year, I'm trying a backfill system. Sign up via the form below, and I will contact you if someone drops out, and tag you in for the day that they can't make it. The bad news: people may drop out at the last minute, which means you might have very short notice. If you are unable to fill in, I'll go to the next person in the backfill system. However, I will not remove you from the list. You'll get another chance if yet another person drops out. And so on.

Got questions? Email me@mgroves.com